At 323, the people who wear our clothing provide us with insight, inspiration, and the ability to bring life and art to each collection. We believe in our friends and human family, and it's our mission to highlight and share the things that are true to their hearts. So begins our artist photo and interview series, FRIENDS OF 323! 



The multi-talented, deeply dynamic, KING MINZLY is a force to be reckoned with! We had the honor of having her model our Fall/Winter 2017 collection, shot by Naomi Shon. She is the current face of 323, and we couldn't be more excited to see what's to come for this visionary artist. Check out our interview below: 


Hi King Minzly! You have such a wide variety of talents… can you tell us a bit about the work you do and anything you’re excited to be creating these days?


Hi guys : ) I'm a visual director, model and denim specialist. These days I've been directing music videos for some pretty cool Texas artist and working on several short films I'm most excited to be premiering soon. NYFW is right around the corner so I've also been busy setting everything up for attendance again this year. 


Is there a story behind where your name KING MINZLY originated?

 King Minzly is a name I gave myself. As an artist it's a disguise to who or what people may normally judge when there's a face to trace. Yes, I model, so there's obviously a face attached... but for those that do not know King Minzly, but come across one of my designs or visuals, the only thing they're able to say something about is what they see watch; not my gender or appearance. King because I'm very strong and hold my own like a king does. A king has power and respect.


You’re such a visionary and seem to be constantly creating, what would you say is the biggest motivation behind your creative pursuits?

My biggest motivation behind my creative pursuits would be my family.  Just seeing and knowing that one day this, these things that I love to do, will one day give me the power to change my families lives is unbelievable.


What is the most important message you’d like to spread as an artist?

"Think Fearless".

Don't be afraid to do because you're unaware of the outcome. 

Life itself is unpredictable, even when you plan for it to be.

You just gotta go all the way for it; if not don't go for it at all.

( I moved to Houston, Texas with nickels and dimes *literally nickels and dimes* and a dufflebag. I decided to move here while I was in Miami, Florida attending AGENDA show with Ethik Clothing Co. Moving to Texas, I knew I'd be closer to my collective AnahataMilytiaand my boyfriend Billyracxx. Being so driven and ambitious I did not once second guess I would be making a mistake for my career. After a few days I went to a pawn shop and bought a $25.00 sewing machine that barely worked. Couple months later I found myself directing visuals for artist Kirko Bangz and styling a KME denim piece on Young Thug at The Revention Center made with that same cheap ass machine. ) 


"You gotta take what you have and create an empire out of it."

-King Minzly



How would you describe the role that fashion plays in allowing you to express yourself?


Fashion plays a huge roll in allowing me to express myself because every day I'm able to give a different look. I'm able to show every personality I have through fashion.


Do you have any advice to offer to young people trying to pursue their dreams?

The advice I would offer to young people trying to pursue their dreams would be

"Do what makes YOU happy".


Lets close with a list of tops…

Clothing designers: KME.Denim, Discount Universe

Musicians: Kendrick Lamar, Bankz, Billyracxx, JayZ

Magazines: Vogue (China, Italia), Bullet Magazine, The Fader, Paper Magazine 

Things to do for FUN: Thrift, Unexpected Shooting (photos or videos)


Where can we find more from you?: Official KingMinzly.com  releasing 2018




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